mooncot said: ur hair is everything

I just put it up out of the way though????

sassyandhip said: r we talkin primrose???

YES we are?! It’s so great and the lady went to give me samples when I got some geranium body cleanser and I had to stop her bless her aw

ethan does his masque
things I am over

save me I don’t wanna Uni

so max is going away over easter and I have to work (and do an assignment) uGH

i’m going to miss him so much but matey tomorrow is going to be grand

i have lil things planned it’s gon be great but I hope he likes it????¿¿¿

sad, cold, tired and it’s raining so I’m wearing the socks max gave me aw

I was really stressed about uni assignments and things but at the writing workshop the teacher said my work was HD so here’s hoping I guess????

hello possums


Vintage Paradise



i can’t wait to have my own little apartment with a nice big bed underneath a huge window which catches the sunlight so i can lie there all sunday and read
i’m literally going to spend all my money furnishing my home and travelling ahhhhhhh
i could spend hours and hours shopping for furniture and homewares

omg same

(by Jаck)

Pornographic Picture.